The Cold

On Wednesday I performed a lunchtime recital with two talented musicians, Karen Smith (piano) and Anna Hopkins (flute), at Great Yarmouth Minster. I was, as ever, at peace just being inside the Minster’s walls but it came with a challenge this time. THE COLD.
My goodness was it cold! Despite having prepared by wearing a thermal vest and scarf with my chosen outfit it was clear that removing my coat was going to be perishing. So, there was a moment before I sang where I had a little debate with myself over recital protocol and whether or not it was acceptable to sing with my coat on. I plumped for keeping it on, safe in the knowledge that the opening lyric of my second song, Richard Strauss’ Mein Hertz ist stumm, translated as “My heart is silent, my heart is cold” and it therefore seemed quite fitting. Thanks to a sympathetic audience I remained in my coat for the duration of the recital. We singers don’t always have to suffer for our art!


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