Being back in the Minster made me happy. Being back to sing my first Elijah alongside soloists Diana Moore, Gareth Brynmor John and Nick Allen made me incredibly happy. We were brought together by Vetta Wise with an exceptional choir and orchestra to create an electric evening. With two full performances in one day (we may have got carried away in rehearsal) it was such an uplifting experience. My main thought of the day, as I walked into the town to get myself a coffee in the break, was how surreal it is that we were preparing this huge piece in an old cavernous and chilly building, with musicians from far and wide and there was a whole other world outside. The sun was bright and warm, the town was buzzing with people who were going about their busy lives and it was likely that they were all oblivious to our efforts.  I slipped back into the Minster and the bubble we were creating and my world became about the music, the musicians and the audience within its walls. Time stopped. The world stopped. Only brought back to life by the rapturous standing ovation we received at the end of the final chorus. We welcomed the recognition and beamed with pride (maybe a little relief) and the world started turning once more as everyone slowly disappeared into the dark and the Minster was put to bed for another night.

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