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Go Fund Me Campaign

It has taken me all year to pluck up the courage to make this crowdfunding campaign live.
I’ve tried everything I can to raise money for my postgraduate course at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama this September. I […]

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Lockdown Lessons

Typical practice for one-to-one private music lessons involve teachers opening up their homes and inviting their pupils inside for an hour. Lessons have been part of my weekly timetable for years. I’ve driven for hours to benefit from these educational […]

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I got in. I went through a gruelling round of auditions that were a challenge financially, logistically and mentally, but I got in to one of the UK’s top five conservatoires. A guaranteed unconditional offer to study voice at postgraduate […]

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Singing Teachers

When you find the right one never let them go. The many hours a singer spends one-to-one in a room with their teacher are endless. They are your personal expert, your guide, your coach, your psychologist, your friend, your manager […]

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A memory…

Great Yarmouth Minster is a favourite venue of mine. It was where the start of my Norfolk/Suffolk musical voyage began in 2013 and where I sang my first oratorio, Carmina Burana, in 2015. The brilliance and atmosphere of the building […]

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